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Letters calicivirus. Actually, RHDV is one of the best characterized caliciviruses, and the publication of its full genome sequence in 1991 was the first of a Caliciviridae member (5). Diagnostic tools have been developed by our and other laboratories (3,4,6). Thanks also to specific monoclonal antibodies produced towards RHDV and European brown hare(More)
Using immunoprecipitation, mass spectrometry, and western blot analysis we investigated cytosolic protein interactions of the schizophrenia susceptibility gene dysbindin in mammalian cells. We identified novel interactions with members of the exocyst, dynactin and chaperonin containing T-complex protein complexes, and we confirmed interactions reported(More)
BACKGROUND Expansion of polyglutamine-encoding CAG trinucleotide repeats has been identified as the pathogenic mutation in nine different genes associated with neurodegenerative disorders. The majority of individuals clinically diagnosed with spinocerebellar ataxia do not have mutations within known disease genes, and it is likely that additional ataxias or(More)
Addendum Since the Workshop, the Minister for Health and Family Services has confirmed that the first stage of the Enhanced Measles Control Program will take place in 1998-99. An additional dose of measles-mumps-rubella vaccine (MMR) will be offered to all primary school children in Australia in a school-based program between July and October 1998; the(More)
BACKGROUND To date, 35 human diseases, some of which also exhibit anticipation, have been associated with unstable repeats. Anticipation has been reported in a number of diseases in which repeat expansion may have a role in etiology. Despite the growing importance of unstable repeats in disease, currently no resource exists for the prioritization of(More)
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