Carr Wilkerson

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TweetDreams is an instrument and musical composition which creates real-time sonification and visualization of tweets. Tweet data containing specified search terms is retrieved from Twitter and used to build networks of associated tweets. These networks govern the creation of melodies associated with each tweet and are displayed graphically. Audience(More)
The Mutha Rubboard is a musical controller based on the rubboard, washboard or frottoir metaphor commonly used in the Zydeco music genre of South Louisiana. It is not only a metamorphosis of a traditional instrument, but a modern bridge of exploration into a rich musical heritage. It uses capacitive and piezo sensing technology to output MIDI and raw audio(More)
The rich partial textures and beating of the traditional tibetan bowl have tantilized listeners for centuries. In this paper we propose a real-time physical model of a singing bowl meant for use in performance. In order to be able to use it in a performance context, we control it using a rubboard musical controller. We feel that the mapping between the two(More)
The rapid development of network communication technologies has allowed composers to create new ways in which to directly engage participants in the exploration of new musical environments. A number of distinctive aesthetic approaches to the musical application of networks will be outlined in this paper each of which is mediated and conditioned by the(More)
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