Carolynne White

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BACKGROUND/AIM In Australia and internationally, more people are developing on-going health conditions (chronic illnesses) in which their daily occupations are implicated in both the onset and management of the condition. This article investigates the role and meaning of occupation from a client-centred perspective. It presents one aspect of a broader study(More)
OBJECTIVES Living with two or more health conditions, or multimorbidity, is associated with higher rates of disability and lower quality of life. To overcome the challenges associated with multimorbidity, person-centred health care is essential. However, to provide person-centred health care, health professionals first need to understand how people with(More)
Most Information Technology Departments in academia have their historical roots in a culture best described by words such as "geeks," "beta-testers," "troubleshooters," "debuggers," "early adopters," and so on. This culture was partly created by the fact that the mission of academia is indeed to keep looking forward to new developments and cutting-edge(More)
Rice University used to divide personal computer support between the Help Desk staff, consultants and students workers at the colleges resulting in inconsistent service and low help desk morale. During the last two academic years we embarked on a number of reforms. In this paper we describe the restructuring of the support model for undergraduate students(More)
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