Carolyne L. Hoey

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Six cases of tuberculous meningitis, all occurring in patients over the age of 65, are described. All patients presented with an acute illness, primarily with a confusional state. Headache was a symptom in only two patients and the cases were not confined to ethnic minority groups. The mortality was 50%.
Diabetic foot osteomyelitis (DFO) complicates about 20% of diabetic foot infections (DFIs) and increases the risk of lower extremity amputation. This contentious infection is important to discuss, given the frequency with which diabetes mellitus and its complications occur and the devastating consequences of amputation. The diagnosis and management of DFO(More)
We performed a pilot study on newborns randomly chosen from term singleton deliveries born to mothers in an HMO group between September 1992 and August 1993. Breast-fed infants were breast-feeding at 6 months (n = 41), whereas bottle-fed infants were bottle-fed from birth (n = 107), Medical care and costs for the first 12 months were retrospectively(More)
Photorefraction (PR) is gaining acceptance as potentially the most effective objective screening technique for amblyopia risk factors in the preverbal child. This study determined the validity and feasibility of using the Auckland eccentric photorefractor in the detection of amblyopiogenic factors in six to nine month old infants in an established(More)
One of the central goals of the Clinton healthcare reform proposal is to provide insurance coverage for all Americans. This will be possible largely by requiring all employers to pay insurance for all their employees, including part-timers. The proposed plan requires all employers to offer full medical benefit packages to any employee who works more than 30(More)
In the green lynx spider Peucetia viridans (Hentz 1832), the two openings of a mated female’s epigynum are often sealed by copulatory plugs, sometimes with the two-pronged distal portion of the paracybium of a male palpus inserted in each opening and embedded in the plugs. The presence of copulatory plugs and paracymbia may prevent further mating by the(More)
The summer of 1993 will be remembered as the time when record amounts of rain flooded the Mississippi and its tributary rivers, causing one of the decade's worst natural disasters. Accounts from the hard-hit Des Moines area exemplify what many foodservice operators and their staff did to help their customers and neighbors struck by the disaster.
In a thorough discussion of a published series on early discharge, Britton, Britton and Beebe note that methodological limitations, study design problems and heterogeneity sorely limit the conclusions that may be drawn from published studies about early discharge. These authors found that the 1980 recommendations of the AAP about early discharge are still(More)