Carolyn Wood

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This study reports the effectiveness of pelvic adhesiolysis in relieving symptoms in patients with gross pelvic adhesions. Based on 100 patients' responses to a questionnaire, adhesiolysis was found to be of value in treating infertility, chronic pelvic pain and dyspareunia. Its value in relieving dysmenorrhoea was less certain while it did not influence(More)
  • C Wood
  • The Medical journal of Australia
  • 1992
OBJECTIVE To demonstrate that endometrial resection may be used to control abnormal uterine bleeding in a wide variety of clinical conditions. DESIGN/SETTING Sixty-one patients were referred to a private gynaecological practice with abnormal uterine bleeding between January and December 1990. The clinical conditions associated with abnormal uterine(More)
Extensive research has demonstrated the health consequences of smoking during pregnancy for both the mother and child. The majority of women, however, continue to smoke throughout the pregnancy and, of those who do quit, the majority return to smoking during the pregnancy or shortly after delivering the child. To best address this important public health(More)
  • C Wood
  • Reproduction, fertility, and development
  • 2001
Embryo splitting may be used to increase the potential fertility of couples requiring IVF. Using cattle as a model, it is possible to increase pregnancy rates from 70% per transfer of good quality in-vivo-produced embryos, to 110% by transferring the two demi-embryos resulting from the bisection of one embryo. The 30-40% greater chance of conception would(More)
Age, country of birth, marital status, attitude to work, smoking and drinking habits, childbearing, sex life and psychological factors are all linked to the frequency of menstrual pain and premenstrual tension. The relationship between the psychosocial and menstrual characteristics may be causal or related to some other constitutional factor (or factors)(More)
A 31 year old patient with Stage 1A2 cervical carcinoma underwent a laparoscopically modified radical hysterectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy simulating the open operation. The operative technique is described. The operative time was 7 hours and 40 minutes. The patient was discharged on the third post-operative day. The procedure warrants further evaluation.
Menstrual characteristics of 2,343 women attending the Shepherd Foundation Health Testing Centre have been analyzed utilizing a computer system of data analysis. The incidence of menstrual pain was 43% and premenstrual tension 75%. The best estimate of normal cycle length was 21-35 days, 1.5% of women having cycles less than 21 days. The duration of(More)
A survey was made of 121 patients who withdrew from an in-vitro fertilization and embryo transfer programme, and the reasons leading to withdrawal were solicited by a questionnaire. The most common reasons stated by the 91 patients who returned the survey questionnaires were the heavy financial burden and psychosocial stresses that accompanied treatment.(More)