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Women's migration and quality of life in Turkey
Abstract Turkey's urban growth has been unprecedented for the last two decades with women playing an increasingly substantial role in its development. In this context, we examine determinants ofExpand
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Dancing in the Fire: Ritually Constructing Hindu Identity in a Malaysian Landscape
Hindus have been a part of the plural society of Malaysia since colonial times. Imported by the British to work on rubber plantations and to build railroads, Hindus transplanted both great traditionExpand
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The Hare Krishna's Transformation of Space in West Virginia
This study examines the transformative process of turning unordered space into cosmos, or place imbued with meaning. Through integration of specific physical qualities of a particular location into aExpand
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Transplanting Pilgrimage Traditions in the Americas
Transplanting pilgrimage traditions, or the process of remaking the collective self in sacred places, requires new sacred places as worthy destinations. As people migrate from the lands where sacredExpand
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Trinidad's d'sugared landscape
D'sugar (1) Where has all the sugar gone? A short visit to Trinidad in December 2009 revealed an unexpected landscape devoid of the export crop that was largely responsible for the emergence ofExpand
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Geography of Religion and Belief Systems
and environmental dimensions of religious behavior, artefacts, and attitudes are grist for the geographer's intellectual mill because spiritually motivated convictions and actions play an importantExpand
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The Significance of Material Culture in Historical Geography: A Case Study of the Church as School in the Diffusion of the Presbyterian Mission to Trinidad
Geographers and historians are cut from a similar cloth in the scholarly fold. Both seek to illuminate the human condition in many times and places, and both approach this task in a unique fashion;Expand
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