Carolyn Shanty Sterke

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The contribution of specific psychotropic drugs to fall risk in patients with dementia has not been quantified precisely until now. The authors evaluated the dose-response relationship between psychotropic drugs and falls in nursing home residents with dementia. Daily drug use and daily falls were recorded in 248 nursing home residents with dementia from(More)
BACKGROUND The feasibility and predictive validity of balance and gait measures in more severe stages of dementia have been understudied. We evaluated the clinimetric properties of the Tinetti Performance Oriented Mobility Assessment (POMA) in nursing home residents with dementia with a specific objective of predicting falls in the short term. METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the association between Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) use and falls and fractures. DESIGN A cross-sectional study. SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS 400 female patients aged 70 years or older who were consecutively admitted to the Trauma Center Meidling, Vienna, after a fall and who required hospital admission. METHODS We quantified the(More)
BACKGROUND general opinion is growing that drug cessation in complex older patients is warranted in certain situations. From a clinical viewpoint, drug cessation seems most warranted in four situations, i.e., falls, delirium, cognitive impairment and end-of-life situations. To date, little information about the effects of drug cessation in these four(More)
RESEARCH ARTICLE Influence of Footwear on Gait Characteristics that are Associated With Increased Fall Risk in Older Persons Tischa JM van der Cammen, Carolyn Shanty Sterke, Alen Halilovic and Johan Molenbroek Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Department of Industrial Design, Delft University of Technology, Landbergstraat 15, 2628 CE Delft, The(More)
AIM The contribution of selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) to injurious fall risk in patients with dementia has not been quantified precisely until now. Our objective was to determine whether a dose-response relationship exists for the use of SSRIs and injurious falls in a population of nursing home residents with dementia. METHODS Daily(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the feasibility and validity of gait parameters measured with an electronic walkway system in predicting short-term fall risk in nursing home residents with dementia. METHODS 57 ambulatory nursing home residents with moderate to severe dementia participated in this prospective cohort study. We used the GAITRite(®) 732 walkway system(More)
BACKGROUND Falls are a major health problem among the elderly, particularly in nursing homes. Abnormalities of balance and gait, psychoactive drug use, and dementia have been shown to contribute to fall risk. METHODS We conducted a systematic review of the literature to investigate which psychoactive drugs increase fall risk and what is known about the(More)
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