Carolyn Rae

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This communication briefly reviews characteristics of glutamate transport in the central nervous system and is involved in the aetiology of slow neurodegenerative diseases. Data in the literature suggest that antisense oligonucleotides targeted against glutamate transporters and administered in vivo over a period of days could be used to test the(More)
  • S C Land, C Rae
  • 2005
Nitric oxide (NO) modulates cellular metabolism by competitively inhibiting the reduction of O2 at respiratory complex IV. The aim of this study was to determine whether this effect could enhance cell survival in the hypoxic solid tumor core by inducing a state of metabolic arrest in cancer cells. Mitochondria from human alveolar type II-like adenocarcinoma(More)
Restraint and seclusion (R/S) have been used in many countries and across service sectors for centuries. With the recent and increasing recognition of the harm associated with these procedures, efforts have been made to reduce and prevent R/S. Following a scathing media exposé in 1998 and congressional scrutiny, the United States began a national effort to(More)
OBJECTIVES European guidelines recommend HIV testing for individuals presenting with indicator conditions (ICs) including AIDS-defining conditions (ADCs). The extent to which non-HIV specialty guidelines recommend HIV testing in ICs and ADCs is unknown. Our aim was to pilot a methodology in the UK to review specialty guidelines and ascertain if HIV was(More)
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