Carolyn R. Johnson

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The increasing use of SIP in Next Generation Networks necessitates that SIP networks provide adequate control mechanisms to optimize transaction throughput and prevent congestion collapse during traffic overloads. SIP elements need well behaved internal overload controls to detect and throttle traffic, and external controls between SIP elements are needed(More)
Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) promise great efficiencies in deploying and operating new services, in terms of performance, resiliency and cost. However, today most operational VNF clouds are still generally static after their initial instantiation, thus not realizing many of the potential benefits of virtualization and enhanced orchestration. In this(More)
We present an overview of SCIRun, a scientiic problem solving environment that allows the interactive construction, debugging, and steering of large-scale scientiic computations. Using this \computational work-bench," a scientist can design and modify simulations interactively via a dataaow programming model. SCIRun enables scientists to design and modify(More)
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