Carolyn Noack

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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the technical success, clinical outcome and safety of percutaneously placed totally implantable venous power ports (TIVPPs) approved for high-pressure injections, and to analyse their value for arterial phase CT scans. METHODS Retrospectively, we identified 204 patients who underwent TIVPP implantation in the forearm (n=152) or(More)
There is little known on the risks associated with pregnancy occurring after primary therapy of a malignant melanoma. Out of a total of 2850 melanoma patients there were 23 women (20 in stage I, 3 in stage II) in whom 33 pregnancies occurred in the course of the follow-up. No metastases developed in 18 patients with a total of 25 pregnancies whereas a(More)
BACKGROUND Among ophthalmologists congenital cataract appears to be treated very differently with regard to surgical technique and postoperative care. Most discussed items are the optimal time points for lensectomy and intraocular lens implantation, the surgical approach (via anterior chamber or pars plana), details of secondary cataract prophylaxis and the(More)
This study was designed as a continuation of a line of behavioral recycling research. Close to 23% of landfill waste was comprised of recyclable material in an academic building. Bins for recycling were not present in classrooms and classroom landfill bins were being utilized for disposal of bottles and cans. Treatment included removal of classroom landfill(More)
In 582 sera of blood donors of the groups A1, A2, B and 0 the Hp type as well as the anti-A or anti-B isoantibody titres respectively were determined. The frequency distribution of isoantibody titres in serum samples with different Hp-type were compared. As far as the numerical difference of distribution was concerned there was only one significant(More)
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