Carolyn Manning

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Counterfactual imaginings are known to have far-reaching implications. In the present experiment, we ask if imagining events from one's past can affect memory for childhood events. We draw on the social psychology literature showing that imagining a future event increases the subjective likelihood that the event will occur. The concepts of cognitive(More)
This paper reports a study of child abuse notification in a small remote country town in Queensland, Australia. Aims were to investigate how strongly residents felt about child abuse; how likely they were to notify suspected abuse; indicators of abuse; notification facilitators and inhibitors; and the notification process. A cross-sectional survey design(More)
This paper will review literature on Western mediation to determine whether power balance is an issue that is considered in the theoretical literature on this subject. The impact of power imbalance on the mediation process will be discussed. Attention will also be given to the role of mediators and participants in wielding influence over the power dynamic(More)
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