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Beyond Repair: Interpretation, Reparation, and Melanie Klein’s Clinical Play-Technique
ABSTRACT This article puts clinical child psychoanalysis into conversation with recent debates about critical method in order to question the turn toward so-called “reparative reading” in feministExpand
The biopolitics of gender Jemima Repo
Book Review: Gut Feminism
On Good Authority: Anna Freud and the Politics of Child Analysis
This article provides a reading of a ‘political Anna Freud’ by analysing how Anna Freud's interwar papers about the clinical technique of child analysis refracted broader political discourses about...
Speak for Your Self: Psychoanalysis, Autotheory, and the Plural Self
In this article, I explore the status of the self in autotheory, bringing Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams together with autotheory’s most popular text, Maggie Nelson’s The Argonauts, to considerExpand