Carolyn K Clevenger

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Contractures are a common but preventable consequence of prolonged physical immobility among nursing home residents. Significant for their associated costs in institutions rendering care to frail elder residents, contractures further reduce mobility and increase the risk of other outcomes of decreased mobility, such as pressure ulcers. This secondary(More)
The segment of older adults who present to the emergency department (ED) with cognitive impairment ranges from 21% to 40%. Difficulties inherent in the chaotic ED setting combined with dementia may result in a number of unwanted clinical outcomes, but strategies to minimize these outcomes are lacking. A review of the literature was conducted to examine the(More)
OBJECTIVE Estimate the lifetime cost of dementia to Medicare and Medicaid. DATA SOURCE 1997-2005 Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey. STUDY DESIGN A multistage analysis was conducted to first predict the probability of developing dementia by age and then predict the annual Medicare/Medicaid expenditures conditional on dementia status. A cohort-based(More)
Contractures represent a common but preventable source of excess disability among nursing home residents. They result in many negative consequences such as pain, increased fall risk and decreased functional ability. Studies of prevalence vary in the definition of contracture and thus the exact enumeration, but consistently report the commonality in the(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to assess the frequency and correlates of documented advance directives (ADs) among patients hospitalized for heart failure (HF). BACKGROUND Discussing ADs with patients with HF is critical for identifying treatment goals consistent with patients' values and preferences and for facilitating health care team(More)
AIMS The purpose of this study is to evaluate changes in self-concept for the knowledge, skills and attitudes toward inter-professional teamwork of facilitators who participated in training and an inter-professional team training event. BACKGROUND Inter-professional education requires dedicated and educated faculty. METHODS A pretest posttest(More)
The findings from a recent comprehensive systematic review, in combination with a case study, are used to illustrate the importance of translational research to inform advanced practice nursing. The review article discussed in this column is a comprehensive systematic review of age-friendly nursing interventions in the management of older persons in the(More)
Senior Mentor Programs (SMPs) pair community-dwelling older adults with health professions students to facilitate knowledge, improve communication skills, and promote positive attitudes regarding the aging process. Although evidence exists that SMPs meet these goals, the programs' psychosocial impact on the senior mentors remains unexplored. The current(More)