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Recent years have seen growing interest in high-level languages for programming networks. But the design of these languages has been largely ad hoc, driven more by the needs of applications and the capabilities of network hardware than by foundational principles. The lack of a semantic foundation has left language designers with little guidance in(More)
The present study was an examination of how exposure to print affects sentence processing and memory in older readers. A sample of older adults (N = 139; Mean age = 72) completed a battery of cognitive and linguistic tests and read a series of sentences for recall. Word-by-word reading times were recorded and generalized linear mixed effects models were(More)
A growing body of literature has shown that being victimized online is associated with poor mental health. Little is known about the factors that protect youth from the negative outcomes that may result from these victimization experiences, particularly those related to race. Using a risk and resilience framework, this study examined the protective function(More)
The Rasch family of models considered in this paper includes models for polytomous items and multiple correlated latent traits, as well as for dichotomous items and a single latent variable. An R package is described that computes estimates of parameters and robust standard errors of a class of log-linear-by-linear association (LLLA) models, which are(More)
This study documented significant changes in prejudice toward gay and lesbian individuals among adolescents from the ages of 12 to 18 years. Moreover, in line with developmental theories of prejudice, there was substantial variability in these patterns, partially predicted by the gender and ideological beliefs (reflected by social dominance orientation(More)
This investigation adds to the growing body of scholarship on the psychosocial costs of racism to Whites (PCRW), which refer to consequences of being in the dominant position in an unjust, hierarchical system of societal racism. Extending research that identified 5 distinct constellations of costs of racism (L. B. Spanierman, V. P. Poteat, A. M. Beer, & P.(More)
For decades, traditional network devices such as switches, firewalls, load bal-ancers and routers have been closed, proprietary platforms controlled by the major hardware vendors. Each device contains a combination of (1) hardware to forward packets efficiently along chosen network paths, and (2) software to run the distributed protocols that decide which(More)
Models used to analyze cross-classifications of counts from psychological experiments must represent associations between multiple discrete variables and take into account attributes of stimuli, experimental conditions, or characteristics of subjects. The models must also lend themselves to psychological interpretations about underlying structures mediating(More)
Communities across the United States are collaborating to create a coordinated response to intimate partner violence (IPV); ideally, this involves promoting best practices in the justice and human service systems and engaging a broad array of community sectors (e.g., human service; criminal justice; faith; business; education) to promote victim safety and(More)
Uruguay has the second highest breast cancer incidence rate in Latin America (Ferlay et al., 2013). Cervical cancer is the second leading cause of death in Uruguay (Rodríguez, Fazzino, & Larrosa, 2010). Despite these troubling statistics, an opportunity exists to improve the lives of women through early detection of both cancers. Yet, there is a dearth of(More)