Carolyn J. Merry

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State departments of transportation (DOTs), as well as national agencies in many countries, invest heavily in personnel and equipment to collect the data supporting the estimation of Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) and Vehicle Distance Traveled (VDT). Satellite-and air-based imagery can provide additional data for estimation and offers certain(More)
With the rapid vehicle volume growth on roads, the performance of urban road traffic systems is a major concern to transportation planners, road users, and all members of the urban community. The evaluation of the performance measures relies on the accuracy and reliability of the collected traffic data. This paper describes a method of extracting(More)
Choices about transportation alternatives permeate our daily lives. We are accustomed to making quite sophisticated decisions about the times we travel, the transportation mode we choose, the routes we select, and the multipurpose trips that we link together as we plan our day. Because the impact of traffic congestion (as well as events such as automobile(More)
This paper develops a model for automated matching of vehicles between aerial photos. We exploit the overlap from frame-to-frame in a sequence of aerial photos. The problem, in essence, is to determine if vehicles A, B, C,. .. in one photo, match vehicles X, Y, and Z in a temporally lagged second photo. The method is specifically applied to large trucks(More)
Keywords: SWOT Hydrologic/hydraulic modeling Data assimilation Ensemble Kalman Filter River bathymetry River discharge s u m m a r y This paper focuses on estimating river bathymetry for retrieving river discharge from the upcoming Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) satellite mission using a data assimilation algorithm coupled with a hydrodynamic(More)
The high spectral resolution of hyperspectral imaging (HSI) systems greatly enhances the capabilities of discrimination, identification and quantification of objects of different materials from remote sensing images, but they also bring challenges to the processing and analysis of HSI data. One issue is the high computation cost and the curse of(More)
Feature detection is the initial step in any image analysis procedure and is essential for the performance of stereo vision and object recognition systems. Research concerning the detection of corners, blobs and circular or point like features is particularly rich and many procedures have been proposed in the literature. In this report, three frequently(More)
—The upcoming Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) satellite mission will measure water surface elevation, its spatial and temporal derivatives, and inundated area. These observations can be used to estimate river discharge at a global scale. SWOT will measure a given area on mid-latitude rivers two or three times per 22-day repeat cycle. In this(More)