Carolyn J Doughty

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The current study was performed to document observed rates of affective disorders in the first degree relatives of probands with bipolar I or II disorder; to determine whether bipolar II probands have an excess of bipolar II relatives; and to determine whether bipolar probands with a history of one or more suicide attempts have more relatives who have also(More)
This study examined the evidence from controlled studies for the effectiveness of consumer-led mental health services. Following an extensive search of material published in English from 1980, predefined inclusion criteria were systematically applied to research articles that compared a consumer-led mental health service to a traditional mental health(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper aims to present an overview of screening and safety considerations for the treatment of clinical depressive disorders and make recommendations for safety monitoring. METHOD Data were sourced by a literature search using MEDLINE and a manual search of scientific journals to identify relevant articles. Draft guidelines were prepared and(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluated the delivery of a series of workshops on mental health recovery. The aims were to determine if the workshops changed participants' attitudes and knowledge about recovery, if there were any differences in views between consumers and health professionals of mental health services, and how the delivery and content of the program(More)
The UC Research Repository holds theses, open access versions of articles, and other research outputs. This report outlines the highlights from the repository this quarter for your college Please contact Anton Angelo if you would like more information about the UC Research Repository. The most popular new items in the UC Research Repository for the College(More)
The effectiveness of pharmacological therapies for young people and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) The effectiveness of pharmacological therapies for young people and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). undertook an external peer review of a late draft. Dr Eggleston provided invaluable comments on the report, particularly relating to the(More)
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