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BACKGROUND Nutrition is recognized as a strong factor influencing the health outcomes of patients with chronic disease. General practitioners (GPs) require nutrition knowledge and skills to support patients to have healthy dietary behaviours. OBJECTIVE To investigate New Zealand GP registrars' provision of nutrition advice using patient scenarios. STUDY(More)
Arsenic persists in Chautauqua Lake, New York waters 13 years after cessation of herbicide (sodium arsenite) application and continues to cycle within the lake. Arsenic concentrations in lake water ranged from 22.4–114.81 μg l−1, = 49.0 μag l−1. Well water samples generally contained less than 10 μg l−1 arsenic. Arsenic concentrations in lake water exceeded(More)
Data provided by 7380 middle managers from 60 nations are used to determine whether demographic variables are correlated with managers’ reliance on vertical sources of guidance in different nations and whether these correlations differ depending on national culture characteristics. Significant effects of Hofstede’s national culture scores, age, gender,(More)
In the past 30 years, dental health in Australia has undergone a marked improvement. This improvement has been paralleled by a significant change in attitudes to many aspects of dental health and in consequent behaviour. The caries experience of the younger Australian is now about one-third of that of his older counterpart. Two-thirds of the Australian(More)
It is not only in Europe that one finds small self-governing enclaves such as Andorra and Liechtenstein. Australia has its own specimen, in the form of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), which is the small area surrounding Canberra, the seat of the Federal Government.
Managerial leadership within 56 nations is examined in terms of the sources of guidance that managers use to handle work events. Correlations between the sources of guidance that managers use and the perceived effectiveness of how well these events are handled are employed to represent their schemas and attributional propensities for effectiveness. These(More)
Dentists around the world have watched with alarm and concern the development of the problems with professional indemnity insurance in the United States. Premiums for general practitioners start at about US$ 4000, with at-risk specialists such as oral surgeons or orthodontists in California paying upwards of $ 30,000. Some Californians have signs in their(More)