Carolyn H Revercomb

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CONTEXT A broad spectrum of nonneoplastic conditions can mimic a brain tumor, both clinically and radiologically. In this review we consider these, taking into consideration the following etiologic categories: infection, demyelination, vascular diseases, noninfectious inflammatory disorders, and iatrogenic conditions. We give an overview of such diseases,(More)
BACKGROUND Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) remains a diagnosis by exclusion which leaves few if any pathologic clues to its etiology. Previous evaluations for anaphylaxis in SIDS have been few and limited. OBJECTIVE To analyze forensic blood specimens for evidence of anaphylaxis in 51 (43 boys and 8 girls) children dying of SIDS and 13 (9 boys and 4(More)
Artifacts from medical intervention are frequently present in medicolegal autopsies and must be distinguished from injuries of forensic interest, particularly in deaths from trauma. In this case, burns resulting from incomplete skin contact of an electrosurgical ground pad during surgery for multiple gunshot wounds were initially confused with abrasions(More)
A 72-year-old previously healthy man developed rapidly progressive visual loss, and brain imaging showed features suggestive of a malignant glioma of the anterior visual pathway. Biopsy of one optic nerve yielded a diagnosis of lymphoma. There was no evidence of an extracranial non-Hodgkin lymphoma, so the conclusion was that this represented a primary(More)
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