Carolyn F Sargent

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This article examines the concept of authoritative knowledge elaborated by Brigitte Jordan, using examples of birthing systems in Mexico, Texas, and Jamaica. We explore the linkages between the distribution of knowledge about birth and the use of technology; the valuation of biomedical and alternative "ways of knowing" about birth; the production of(More)
This paper discusses two sources of ideas that influence monetary policy makers today. The first is a set of analytical results that impose the rational expectations equilibrium concept and do ‘intelligent design’ by solving Ramsey and mechanism design problems. The second is the adaptive learning process that taught us how to anchor the price level with a(More)
The Bariba of Benin idealize stoicism in response to pain. Analysis of the conceptualization of pain in Bariba thought indicates that an appropriate response to pain is considered intrinsic to Bariba identity. The Bariba example offers data illuminating the pain response and detailing the implications of urbanization and industrialization for this facet of(More)
For Malian women, migration from West Africa to France has disrupted widely shared understandings of marriage and reproduction. In response to restrictive immigration policies, men and women routinely confront the challenges of polygamy, public disapproval of high fertility, and biomedical messages promoting contraception. Although many Malians continue to(More)
Approximately 37 thousand Malians currently reside in France as part of the West African diaspora. Primarily Muslim, both women and men confront challenges to their understandings of Islamic prohibitions and expectations, especially those addressing conjugal relations and reproduction. Biomedical policies generate marital conflicts and pose health dilemmas(More)
OBJECTIVES Our goals were to develop explanatory models to better understand how physicians diagnose and treat acute bronchitis; to describe patient expectations and needs when experiencing an episode of acute bronchitis; and to enhance communication between physician and patient. STUDY DESIGN We used qualitative, semi-structured, in-depth interviews to(More)
Analysis of the current organization and delivery of maternity care in Jamaica profits not only from an assessment of recent health issues but from consideration of the development of maternity services over the past century. Historical analysis indicates that a critical element in public health policy has been the effort to encourage use of biomedical(More)