Carolyn E Riddell

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It is well established in vertebrates that there are many intricate interactions between the immune system and the nervous system. Here, we present behavioural evidence indicating a link between the immune system and the nervous system in insects. We show that otherwise non-infected bumblebees whose immune systems were challenged by a non-pathogenic(More)
Ecological studies routinely show genotype-genotype interactions between insects and their parasites. The mechanisms behind these interactions are not clearly understood. Using the bumblebee Bombus terrestris/trypanosome Crithidia bombi model system (two bumblebee colonies by two Crithidia strains), we have carried out a transcriptome-wide analysis of gene(More)
Recent ecological studies in invertebrates show that the outcome of an infection is dependent on the specific pairing of host and parasite. Such specificity contrasts the long-held view that invertebrate innate immunity depends on a broad-spectrum recognition system. An important question is whether this specificity is due to the immune response rather than(More)
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