Carolyn E. Meador

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DNA microarray-based screening and diagnostic technologies have long promised comprehensive testing capabilities. However, the potential of these powerful tools has been limited by front-end target-specific nucleic acid amplification. Despite the sensitivity and specificity associated with PCR amplification, the inherent bias and limited throughput of this(More)
Rapid and effective detection and identification of emerging microbiological threats and potential biowarfare agents is very challenging when using traditional culture-based methods. Contemporary molecular techniques, relying upon reverse transcription and/or polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR/PCR) provide a rapid and effective alternative, however, such(More)
Despite the success of the adenovirus vaccine administered to US military trainees, acute respiratory disease (ARD) surveillance still detected breakthrough infections (respiratory illnesses associated with the adenovirus serotypes specifically targeted by the vaccine). To explore the role of adenoviral co-infection (simultaneous infection by multiple(More)
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