Carolyn E. Begg

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The nucleotide sequence corresponding to almost the whole of a mouse gamma-cytoskeletal actin mRNA was determined from overlapping cloned DNA copies derived from brain mRNA. Several gamma-actin processed pseudogenes were isolated from a library of cloned DBA mouse genomic DNA, and the nucleotide sequences of these were determined and compared with that of(More)
The structures of two cloned recombinants of bacteriophage lambda and mouse genomic DNA (lambda mA14 and lambda mA36) were compared by electron microscopic analysis of various heteroduplex DNAs, restriction endonuclease mapping and nucleotide sequence determination. Each clone was shown to be derived from a distinct region of the mouse genome, but the two(More)
The study of database systems is typically core in undergraduate and postgraduate courses related to computer science and information systems. However, there are parts of this curriculum that learners find difficult, in particular, the abstract and complex domain of database analysis and design, an area that is critical to the development of modern(More)
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