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Pulse oximetry is commonly used as an arterial blood oxygen saturation (SaO2) measure. However, its other serial output, the photoplethysmography (PPG) signal, is not as well studied. Raw PPG signals can be used to estimate cardiovascular measures like pulse transit time (PTT) and possibly heart rate (HR). These timing-related measurements are heavily(More)
Our aim was to study the effect of lower airway infection on clinical parameters, pulmonary function tests, and inflammation in clinically stable infants and young children with cystic fibrosis (CF). To accomplish this goal, a prospective cohort of screened CF patients under 4 years of age were studied, using elective anesthesia and intubation for: passive(More)
In 58 patients with transfusion dependent anemia, we compared cardiac function, as assessed by gated pooled cardiac scan at rest and during exercise stress, with liver iron concentrations (LIC) as determined by adequate biopsy samples. There was no relationship between LIC and cardiac function and deaths occurred in patients with LIC levels below those that(More)
UNLABELLED Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a progressive neuromuscular disease with death usually occurring because of respiratory failure. Signs of early respiratory insufficiency are usually first detectable in sleep. OBJECTIVE To study the presentation of sleep-related breathing disorder (SRBD) in patients with DMD. METHOD A retrospective review(More)
OBJECTIVE Our aim was to determine the safety of BAL in young children <6 years with CF. METHODS As part of a multi-center study of BAL-directed therapy, children with CF < 6 years had one or more BALs between September 1999 and December 2005. Adverse events were recorded intraoperatively and for 24 hr thereafter. Clinical characteristics before BAL,(More)
Despite the importance of pulmonary exacerbations in CF in both clinical and research settings, both published evidence and consensus are lacking concerning the criteria used to define an exacerbation. The use of hospitalization as a surrogate measure presupposes uniformity among clinicians in diagnosis and treatment of exacerbations. Our aims were to(More)
OBJECTIVES There are conflicting data regarding the impact of breastfeeding on the development of asthma in late childhood. Our aim with this study was to investigate the relationship between breastfeeding and the prevalence of asthma in children at 14 years. METHODS The Mater-University of Queensland Study of Pregnancy is a birth cohort of 7223 women and(More)
Breathing patterns are characteristically different between infant active sleep (AS) and quiet sleep (QS), and statistical quantifications of interbreath interval (IBI) data have previously been used to discriminate between infant sleep states. It has also been identified that breathing patterns are governed by a nonlinear controller. This study aims to(More)
BACKGROUND In adults, ventilation is preferentially distributed towards the dependent lung. A reversal of the adult pattern has been observed in infants using radionuclide ventilation scanning. But these results have been obtained in infants and children with lung disease. In this study we investigate whether healthy infants have a similar reverse pattern(More)
AIM Polysomnography (PSG) is the current standard protocol for sleep disordered breathing (SDB) investigation in children. Presently, there are limited reliable screening tests for both central (CE) and obstructive (OE) respiratory events. This study compared three indices, derived from pulse oximetry and electrocardiogram (ECG), with the PSG gold standard.(More)