Carolyn Cray

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The Ly-6 locus encodes a group of cell surface molecules found predominantly on lymphoid cells in the mouse. These proteins share several structural and functional characteristics with Thy-1, a molecule expressed in both lymphoid and neuronal tissue. Utilizing anti-Ly-6A/E monoclonal antibodies, the present results demonstrate in situ expression of these(More)
Cell-mediated and humoral immune status of free-ranging green turtles (Chelonia mydas) in Hawaii (USA) with and without fibropapillornatosis (FP) were assessed. Tumored and non-tumored turtles from Kaneohe Bay (KB) on the island of Oahu and from FP-free areas on the west (Kona/Kohala) coast of the island of Hawaii were sampled from April 1998 through(More)
Encephalitozoon cuniculi is an obligate intracellular microsporidian parasite that can result in clinical and subclinical infection in many species. In the present study, a serological survey was conducted using samples from 105 horses in the state of New Jersey; 49 of the samples were obtained from clinically abnormal animals. Five or 4.8 % of 105 serum(More)
Diagnosis of Encephalitozoon cuniculi infection in rabbits remains a major veterinary issue. ELISA or immunofluorescence assays are the current reference standards of serological tests. However, these conventional techniques suffer from a lack of accuracy for distinguishing active from past infections, as a positive serostatus is common in clinically normal(More)
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