Carolyn Craft

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Neuropeptide Y is colocalized with noradrenaline in sympathetic fibers innervating the rat pineal gland. In this article we present a study of the effects and mechanisms of action of neuropeptide Y on the pineal noradrenergic transmission, the main input leading to the rhythmic secretion of melatonin. At the presynaptic level, neuropeptide Y inhibits by(More)
A 37-year-old woman with primary Sjögren syndrome developed mixed cryoglobulinemia and systemic vasculitis. Subarachnoid hemorrhage occurred as a result of necrotizing anterior spinal arteritis. Although rarely seen in mixed cryoglobulinemia, central nervous system complications have recently been documented in Sjögren syndrome. The patient's serum(More)
Insulin signaling is impaired in Alzheimer's disease [1]. In the SNIFF Trial, Claxton et al. have reported that long­acting intranasal insulin Detemir improves cognition for adults with mild cognitive impairment or early­stage Alzheimer's disease [2]. Adverse effects included mild rhinitis. In an earlier publication, Craft et al. note 8.3% nosebleeds and(More)
A Study of the sex-typed self-descriptions of subjects from five grade/age levels (kindergarten through early college) addressed whether (a) levels of sex typing change developmentally, and (b) the attributes on which individuals are most strongly sex typed change with age. Subjects were asked to rate themselves on 24 sex-relevant attributes, including(More)
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