Carolyn Brinkworth

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We present Spitzer Space Telescope photometry of six short-period polars, EF Eri, V347 Pav, VV Pup, V834 Cen, GG Leo, and MR Ser. We have combined the Spitzer Infrared Array Camera (3.6–8.0 µm) data with the 2MASS JHK s photometry to construct the spectral energy distributions of these systems from the near-to mid-IR (1.235–8 µm). We find that five out of(More)
We present results of high time resolution photometry of the eclipsing pre-cataclysmic variable NN Ser. NN Ser is a white dwarf/M dwarf binary with a very low-mass secondary star (∼ 0.2 M ⊙). We observed 13 primary eclipses of NN Ser using the high-speed CCD camera ULTRACAM and derived times of mid-eclipse, from fitting of light curve models, with(More)
We report results from a comprehensive follow-up observing campaign of the afterglow of GRB 030226, including VLT spectroscopy, VLT polarimetry, and Chandra X-ray observations. In addition, we present BOOTES-1 wide-field observations at the time of the occurrence of the burst. First observations at ESO started 0.2 days after the event when the GRB afterglow(More)
The NASA Exoplanet Science Institute (NExScI) hosts the annual Sagan Workshops, thematic meetings aimed at introducing researchers to the latest tools and methodologies in exoplanet research. The theme of the Summer 2012 workshop, held from July 23 to July 27 at Caltech, was to explore the use of exoplanet light curves to study planetary system(More)
We present high-speed, three-colour photometry of the faint eclipsing cataclysmic variables XZ Eri and DV UMa. We determine the system parameters through two techniques: first, timings of the eclipse contact phases of the white dwarf and bright-spot using the derivative of the light curve; and secondly, a parameterized model of the eclipse fitted to the(More)
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