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Intersecting Social Affiliations and Intermarriage
A macrosociological theory's central principle, suggested by Simmel's concepts of crosscutting social circles and web of group affiliations, is that intersecting social differences promote intergroupExpand
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Attitudinal and Normative Factors as Determinants of Gay Men's Intentions to Perform AIDS-Related Sexual Behaviors: A Multisite Analysis1
The purpose of this study was to test the applicability of the theory of reasoned action as a basis for understanding and predicting gay men's intentions to perform AIDS-related sexual behaviors. AExpand
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Limits to conceptual rule-learing by schizophrenic patients.
Two studies of conceptual rule-learning by 36 hospitalized psychiatric patients revealed that (a) while all were clinically diagnosed as schizophrenic, they differed widely in their ability toExpand
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Factors Influencing Gay Men's Attitudes, Subjective Norms, and Intentions With Respect to Performing Sexual Behaviors1
In a recent paper (Fishbein et al., 1992) gay men's attitudes and subjective norms were found to be accurate predictors of their intentions to perform a variety of sexual behaviors. In addition, theExpand
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