Carolyn A. Bucholtz

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Extensions to a shape-based interpolation method in which pixels that share a boundary edge (one inside and the other outside the object) are considered to be at a distance between adjacent pixel centers are proposed. Using such an initialization for distance calculations, a generalization of the chamfer distance calculation is developed. The generalization(More)
A computer-based system termed MBIS (the Molecular Biological Information Service), written in FORTRAN77 and Digital Command Language (DCL) and running on a Digital Equipment Corporation VAX computer under the VMS operating system (V4.1) is in use at the Division of Molecular Biology. MBIS consists of three main sections: 1) The utility section, used by the(More)
A complete system has been developed to utilize histological serial sections for two- and three-dimensional image reconstructions. Eighty to 120 sections are digitized using a personal computing system augmented with a imaging board and CCD camera. The image files are transmitted to a VAX computer for processing and image reconstruction, and the processed(More)
Translational pausing may occur due to a number of mechanisms, including the presence of non-optimal codons, and it is thought to play a role in the folding of specific polypeptide domains during translation and in the facilitation of signal peptide recognition during sec-dependent protein targeting. In this whole genome analysis of Escherichia coli we have(More)
The nucleotide sequence of the principal component of ovine 1.714 g/cm3 satellite DNA was determined from a monomeric fragment inserted at the BamHI site of pBR322 and cloned in Escherichia coli strain RR1. The 816-bp tandemly repeated sequence contains a number of small repeated sequences dispersed within it, one group of which forms a pentameric tandem(More)
A suite of some dozen programmes written in FORTRAN77 to run on VAX computers using the VMS operating system, and which utilizes a Digital Command Language (DCL) shell to allow it to be menu driven has been in use at the Division of Molecular Biology for about nine months. The package allows the user to obtain both dot matrix and line matrix plots, find and(More)
Software has been developed to allow the use of a number of parameters in the comparative representation of proteins in color and monochrome dot matrices. They include the parameters of partial specific volume, residue bulkiness, the mean area buried of side chains, seven additional hydropathy scales, mutability, polarity, secondary structure propensities,(More)
When Paramecium tetraurelia in log phase growth is treated with 4% dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) for five minutes the amount of polyribosomes is reduced 3- to 4-fold while there is a corresponding increase in 80s ribosomal material. Reducing the concentration of DMSO to 1% allows immediate reversal of the condition. Paramecium polyribosomes subjected to 4%(More)