Caroline de Montferrand

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Magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles differing in their size, shape (spherical, hexagonal, rods, cubes) and composition have been synthesized and modified using caffeic acid for transfer to aqueous media and stabilization of the particle suspensions at physiological pH. A super quantum interference device and the recently patented magnetic sensor MIAplex®,(More)
The magnetic behavior at room temperature of maghemite nanoparticles of variable sizes (from 7 to 20 nm) is compared using a conventional super quantum interference device (SQUID) and a recently patented technology, called MIAplex. The SQUID usually measures the magnetic response versus an applied magnetic field in a quasi-static mode until high field(More)
The MIAplex® device is a miniaturized detector, devoted to the high sensitive detection of superparamagnetic nanoprobes for multiparametric immunoassays. It measures a signal corresponding to the second derivative of the magnetization around zero field. Like any new technology, the real success of the MIAplex® detector can only be exploited through a deep(More)
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