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Cellular protection against oxidative damage is relevant to ageing and numerous diseases. We analyzed the diversity of genome-wide gene expression programs and their regulation in response to various types and doses of oxidants in Schizosaccharomyces pombe. A small core gene set, regulated by the AP-1-like factor Pap1p and the two-component regulator Prr1p,(More)
One hundred Korean adults (50 men, 50 women) were scanned in the upright position using a cone-beam CT (CBCT) scanner. The soft tissue (ST) thicknesses were measured at 31 landmarks, 10 midline and 21 bilateral landmark sites, and the means and standard deviations were obtained for male and female subjects. While 18 of 31 landmarks showed sex differences,(More)
The Atf1 transcription factor plays a vital role in the ability of Schizosaccharomyces pombe cells to respond to various stress conditions. It regulates the expression of many genes in a stress-dependent manner, and its function is dependent upon the stress-activated MAPK, Sty1/Spc1. Moreover, Atf1 is directly phosphorylated by Sty1. Here we have(More)
The estimation of eyeball protrusion from the bony orbit has traditionally relied upon Wolff's theory (1976) that the cornea will be tangental to a line taken from the superior to the inferior orbital margin. This study tested this theory by taking measurements from MRI cranial images of 78 eyes of white adult subjects. Orbital depth had a significant(More)
The Schizosaccharomyces pombe pac2 gene encodes a protein of 235 amino acids not similar to any protein of known function. Cells over-expressing pac2 were poor in mating and sporulation. Expression of ste11, which encodes a key transcription factor for sexual development, was not inducible by nitrogen starvation in these cells. Cells defective in pac2 could(More)
The estimation of mouth width and lip thickness from the skull for facial reconstruction has traditionally relied upon scant scientific research and "rules of thumb" laid down by subjective interpretation and experience. This study tested these assumptions by taking caliper and photographic measurements of mouth width and interpupillary and interlimbus(More)
The stress-induced expression of many fission yeast genes is dependent upon the Sty1 mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) and Atf1 transcription factor. Atf1 is phosphorylated by Sty1 yet this phosphorylation is not required for stress-induced gene expression, suggesting another mechanism exists whereby Sty1 activates transcription. Here we show that(More)
The National Museums of Scotland Mummy Project has provided important new information about a burial excavated in Egypt. This has resulted in the facial reconstruction of a woman who was probably a queen at Thebes ca. 1570-1520 BCE. There are strong suggestions from the grave goods and her diet that this woman may have been ethnically Nubian rather than(More)
INTRODUCTION Human forensic facial soft tissue reconstructions are used when post-mortem deterioration makes identification difficult by usual means. The aim is to trigger recognition of the in vivo countenance of the individual by a friend or family member. A further use is in the field of archaeology. There are a number of different methods that can be(More)