Caroline Urquhart

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There is growing evidence for a discontinuity between genomic and ecological divergence in several groups of bacteria. This evidence is difficult to reconcile with the traditional concept that ecologically divergent species maintain a cohesive gene pool isolated from other gene pools by barriers to homologous recombination (HR). There have been several(More)
To monitor mosquito-borne diseases, public health departments conduct mosquito and pathogen surveillance. Our objective was to evaluate mosquito monitoring methods for collecting La Crosse virus (LACV) and West Nile virus (WNV) vectors (Aedes and Culex mosquitoes, respectively) in southern Appalachia. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) light(More)
Cultured adult chick kidney (CK) cells inoculated with sporozoites of Eimeria tenella showed progressive alterations in their morphological and adhesive characteristics. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) showed that during a 3-day period following the inoculation of parasites there was a gradual loss of contact between the cells. Initially, the cells(More)
Mononuclear phagocytes isolated from peripheral blood move slowly on albumin-, collagen- and fibronectin-coated glass, as judged by analysis of time-lapse film, although their movement is stimulated somewhat by serum. When a differential-adhesion method is used to purify monocytes from a crude mononuclear cell fraction it appears to select a particularly(More)
The pattern of DNA synthesis in chicken kidney (CK) cells parasitized by Eimeria tenella was altered; a 2-fold increase in the uptake of [3-H]-thymidine occurred in these cells compared with that shown by the controls. This difference was significantly different at 16 h post-inoculation (p.i.) and reached a peak at 20 h p.i. Non-parasitized cells in(More)