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OBJECTIVE Congenital diarrhea is very rare, and postnatal diagnosis is often made once the condition has caused potentially lethal fluid loss and electrolyte disorders. Prenatal detection is important to improve the immediate neonatal prognosis. We aimed to describe the prenatal ultrasound and magnetic resonance (MRI) imaging findings in fetuses with(More)
Predicting pregnancy complications is a major topic for clinicians and biologists for maternal and fetal monitoring. Noninvasive biomarkers in maternal blood such as circulating microRNAs (miRNAs) are promising molecules to predict pregnancy disorders. miRNAs are noncoding short RNAs that regulate mRNA expression by repressing the translation or cleaving(More)
Planning the provision of dental care in nursing homes requires evaluation of both dental needs and demand for services. Dental treatment needs have been documented for residents of longterm care facilities. This paper examines the actual dental care provided to institutionalized persons demanding care. Dental records of 144 patients at a Veterans(More)
BACKGROUND Analysis of circulating cell-free fetal DNA (cffDNA) in maternal plasma is very promising for early diagnosis of monogenic diseases. However, this approach is not yet available for routine use and remains technically challenging because of the low concentration of cffDNA, which is swamped by the overwhelming maternal DNA. METHODS To make(More)
Combined screening for trisomy 21 (CS) is established since January 2010 in multidisciplinary centers for prenatal screening in Marseille. Our work investigates its implementation. To date, the false positive rate is 3.5% and the coverage of the SC after six months is 5.7% in our low-risk population.
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