Caroline Simonis

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In the primary auditory field AI of gerbil auditory cortex, aversive tone conditioning paradigms reshaped frequency receptive fields of single units and also changed the spatial representation of tones in fluoro-2-deoxyglucose (FDG) experiments. As another aspect of learning-induced plasticity in gerbil AI, antibodies against the immediate early gene(More)
A common problem in the quantification of the orientation of the femoral neck is the difficulty to determine its true axis; however, this axis is typically estimated visually only. Moreover, the orientation of the femoral neck is commonly analysed using angles that are dependent on anatomical planes of reference and only quantify the orientation in two(More)
Description seewave provides functions for analysing, manipulating, displaying, editing and synthesizing time waves (particularly sound). This package processes time analysis (oscillo-grams and envelopes), spectral content, resonance quality factor, entropy, cross correlation and autocorrelation, zero-crossing, dominant frequency, analytic signal, frequency(More)
A comparative study of the hip joint in hominids has important implications for physical anthropology, as new insights could provide additional information for documenting changes associated with the acquisition of habitual bipedalism in the human lineage. In the literature, changes in the shape of both the proximal femur and the acetabular region in(More)
At the acute stage following unilateral labyrinthectomy (UL), rats, mice or guinea pigs exhibit a complex motor syndrome combining circling (HSCC lesion) and rolling (utricular lesion). At the chronic stage, they only display circling, because proprioceptive information related to the plane of support substitutes the missing utricular information to control(More)
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