Caroline Savio-Ramos

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  • Dor Abrahamson, Carmen J Petrick, H Taylor Martin, Ut Austin, David J Deliema, Noel Enyedy +16 others
  • 2012
In this special double symposium, sixteen established and emerging scholars from seven US universities, who share theoretical perspectives of grounded cognition, empirical contexts of design for STEM content domains, and analytic attention to nuances of multimodal expression, all gather to explore synergy and coherence across their diverging research(More)
Embodiment theory proposes that knowledge is grounded in sensorimotor systems, and that learning can be facilitated to the extent that lessons can be mapped to these systems. This study with 109 college-age participants addresses two overarching questions: (a) how are immediate and delayed learning gains affected by the degree to which a lesson is embodied,(More)
We represent a variety of educators and designers who have in common a deep concern about the quality of STEM learning and how new media tools are designed and used. These tools run the range of interactive simulations to embodied games with full arc narratives. We believe there is not one correct way to instruct in science using new media. For example-some(More)
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