Caroline Saunders

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Blackwell Publishing Ltd. Oxford, UK AJAR The Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 1364-985X 2003 Australian Ag icultural and Resource Economics S ciety and Blackwell Publishers Ltd June 2003 47RIGINAL ARTICLE Commerci l release of GM foods in New Zeala d . Saunde s d S. gatay Commercial release of first-generation genetically modified(More)
Since , Dr Hugh Campbell has been the programme leader of a  programme investigating the emergence of environmentally enhanced food exports. This programme has been refunded four times and each time has increased in size and scope. Through the operation of this research programme, Dr Campbell formed a Cooperating Research Group involving nine(More)
We assess the non-monetary environmental benefits that accrue incidentally in New Zealand (NZ) from pest management conducted primarily to control an animal disease, bovine tuberculosis (TB). TB is an infectious disease that is one of the world's most serious animal health problems and, in many parts of the developing world, still a major mortality risk for(More)
BACKGROUND Price-based mechanisms are an important tobacco cessation policy tool in New Zealand (NZ) and so measurement of smokers' reaction to price changes is crucial in determining efficacy of this approach. Although approximately two-thirds of NZ tobacco demand is for manufactured cigarettes (MC) and one-third is for Roll-Your-Own (RYO) tobacco,(More)
The rapid increase in oil prices has spurred intense interest in alternative energy sources, with biofuels being one of the more debated and controversial alternatives. In the United States, existing and proposed biofuel policies and the increased price of oil have led to a rapid expansion of ethanol supply. With U.S. federal government policies like the(More)