Caroline S Kim

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High levels of lysozyme have been reported to be present in the feces of patients with colorectal cancer. It has been suggested that fecal lysozyme could prove useful in the early detection of colorectal cancer, but that further work is needed. The present investigation reports on the measurement of fecal lysozyme in 23 colorectal cancer patients and 39(More)
The diuretic and clinical efficacy and safety of piretanide, a new high-ceiling loop diuretic, was determined in patients with mild to moderately severe congestive heart failure. Piretanide (n = 20) administered orally in a daily dosage of up to 24 mg was compared with placebo (n = 18) for 28 days, using a double-blind, randomized, parallel design. Patients(More)
Video EEG monitoring for 1-2 hours was performed on 100 outpatients (57 females and 43 males) with refractory seizures or frequent paroxysmal events. Patients' ages ranged from 8 days to 67 years (mean age 21). At least one clinical seizure or paroxysmal event was observed in 66 patients; 24 of these patients had subtle seizures that would be difficult to(More)
Zonisamide (Zonegran), in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet (deficit of 500 kcal/d), resulted in an additional mean 5-kg (11-pound) weight loss compared with diet alone. This regimen was well-tolerated in obese female patients. Further evaluation of long-term side effects and continued weight loss beyond 32 weeks is needed.
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