Caroline Quartly

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Neurology C. K. Jablecki, M. T. Andary, M. K. Floeter, et al. the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Electrodiagnostic Medicine, American Academy of Neurology, and syndrome : Report of the American Association of Practice parameter: Electrodiagnostic studies in carpal tunnel December 6, 2011 This information is current as of(More)
Motor unit number estimation was employed to assess muscle innervation in 76 patients with prior poliomyelitis. Of the 68 patients who were < 70 years of age, new musculoskeletal symptoms had appeared in all but four; the mean latent interval was 38.0 +/- 10.1 years. As expected, there was a high incidence of muscles exhibiting denervation in previously(More)
In general, manual therapies have been demonstrated to be effective for mechanical neck pain in the short term when used in combination with other treatments. No one treatment protocol has been shown to be optimal as specific types of manual therapies have not been investigated in detail. Safety is a prime consideration when applying these treatments. The(More)
BACKGROUND When recommending the adoption of a new surgical intervention as opposed to maintaining an old one, surgeons need to consider the opportunity cost, which is the value of the forgone benefits. To inform these decisions, surgeons can use economic analyses of surgical practices. Unfortunately, economic analyses conducted alongside randomized(More)
Following proximal peripheral nerve injury, motor recovery is often poor due to prolonged muscle denervation and loss of regenerative potential. The transfer of a sensory nerve to denervated muscle results in improved functional recovery in experimental models. The authors here report the first clinical case of sensory protection. Following a total hip(More)
Purpose Given the importance of physical activity in maintaining health and wellness, an improved understanding of physical activity patterns across different clinical populations is required. This study examines the facilitators for, and barriers to, participation in physical activity across multiple contexts for three clinical groups with chronic lower(More)
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