Caroline M de Costa

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BACKGROUND Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) has been identified as a major cause of impairment to normal physical and intellectual development among Indigenous children in Far North Queensland; however, little is known of the pregnancy characteristics of mothers of those children diagnosed with FAS or of interventions that might assist in lowering the(More)
Current belief in obstetric practice is that the scar of a classical Caesarean section is more prone to rupture than that of a lower segment Caesarean section and that for this reason elective repeat Caesarean should always be undertaken in subsequent pregnancies. This review of the history of management of women after a previous classical Caesarean section(More)
BACKGROUND Emergency contraception (EC) has been available in Australia without prescription since 2003. However, there has been little research into the extent of knowledge of the actions, effectiveness and availability of EC among the general population. AIMS To determine the extent of knowledge of EC among tertiary students in Far North Queensland, and(More)
BACKGROUND Maternal mortality is now a rare event in the developed world and its measurement is no longer a useful way of assessing obstetric care. Examination of cases of women who nearly died but survived a severe complication of pregnancy or childbirth - maternal 'near-misses' - is increasingly being recognised as potentially more useful, although severe(More)
Medical termination of pregnancy with mifepristone, a progesterone antagonist, is available to women in North America, the United Kingdom, much of Western Europe, Russia, China, Israel, New Zealand, Turkey and Tunisia, but not Australia. Experience of mifepristone use in around two million abortions has shown that it is safe, effective, cheap to produce,(More)
This article reviews the current legal status of abortion in Australia and its implications. Australian abortion law has been a matter for the states since before Federation. In the years since Federation there have been significant reforms and changes in the abortion laws of some jurisdictions, although not all. Across Australia there are now nine sets of(More)
BACKGROUND Fetal alcohol syndrome and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder are known to occur among children delivered to women in Far North Queensland; to date, the problem has not been quantified or related directly to maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy. AIMS To identify the characteristics of women who consume alcohol during pregnancy, in order(More)
Mifepristone (RU486), which is used for early medical abortion, can only be obtained in Australia under the Authorised Prescriber legislation (Section 19[5] of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 [Cwlth]); two of the authors have permission to obtain, prescribe and administer this drug in Cairns, Queensland. From July 2006 to April 2007, 10 women who fulfilled(More)