Caroline M. Wilson

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Purpose: Women undergoing in vitro fertilization with lowovarian reserve and poor response to controlled ovarianhyperstimulation (COH) present a management dilemma.In a retrospective observational study, we compared thepretreatment use of the gestogen medroxyprogesterone acetate(10 mg twice daily from day 15 of the cycle for aminimum of 2 weeks) with an(More)
LG-Medical (LGM) vena cava filters were inserted percutaneously in 64 patients. Each case was followed after the filter insertion. Clinical follow-up was available in all patients; in 11 patients it was the only form of follow-up. Findings were available from autopsies in seven patients, plain abdominal radiographs in 42, and duplex sonograms of the(More)
Tracheal intubating conditions were assessed in 112 children after induction of anaesthesia with propofol and remifentanil 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 micro Subjects in a control group were given propofol and mivacurium 0.2 Haemodynamic and respiratory parameters were recorded. Plasma catecholamine levels were measured in a subgroup of 40 children.(More)
Concentrations of various proteins in uterine flushings have been described as a direct method for assessment of the secretory activity of the endometrium. We investigated levels of the endometrial protein known as placental protein 14 (PP14) in flushings obtained from 271 infertile women. Under transvaginal ultrasonographic control, 2 ml of 0.154 M sodium(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) and quantitative ultrasound (QUS) classify the same children as 'abnormal' (SD (z) score (SDS) ≤-2). METHODS Speed of sound (SOS) was measured at the radius and tibia using QUS and lumbar spine bone mineral density (BMD) using DXA in 621 subjects aged 5-20 years; healthy 412, cystic(More)
Uterine flushings were obtained under transvaginal ultrasonographic control from 132 women presenting for investigation and treatment of infertility. Levels of CA 125 were measured by radioimmunoassay and results expressed in relation to the total protein concentration of the same flushings. CA 125 was detected in uterine fluid at levels higher than those(More)
A 63-year-old female developed respiratory failure and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit for non-invasive ventilation, inotropic support and antibiotic therapy. The patient was initially stable but then suddenly deteriorated with acute pulmonary oedema requiring mechanical ventilation. An electrocardiogram showed an acute ST elevation myocardial(More)
A double-blind, between-patient comparison of intramuscular pethidine 100 mg and nalbuphine 20 mg for the relief of pain during labour in 80 patients is described. Severity of pain was assessed before and after treatment by subjective pain scores and visual analogue scales. Neither of these methods showed a significant difference between the treatments.(More)
Various antacid or antisecretory agents are used to reduce the risk to patients of aspiration of gastric contents during general anaesthesia and a trial of the gastric proton pump inhibitor, omeprazole, is reported here. Twenty women admitted for elective Caesarean section under general anaesthesia received a single 80-mg oral omeprazole dose at 2000 hours(More)