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The cell: an image library-CCDB (CIL-CCDB) (http://www.cellimagelibrary.org) is a searchable database and archive of cellular images. As a repository for microscopy data, it accepts all forms of cell imaging from light and electron microscopy, including multi-dimensional images, Z- and time stacks in a broad variety of raw-data formats, as well as movies(More)
For the past three decades, much attention has been focused on developing diversity programs designed to improve the academic success of underrepresented minorities, primarily in mathematics, science, and engineering. However, ethnic minorities remain underrepresented in science majors and careers. Over the last 10 years, the Biology Scholars Program (BSP),(More)
Elongation complexes of RNA polymerase II, RNA-DNA-enzyme ternary complexes, are intermediates in the synthesis of all eukaryotic mRNAs and are potential regulatory targets for factors controlling RNA chain elongation and termination. Analysis of such complexes can provide information concerning the structure of the catalytic core of the RNA polymerase and(More)
The role of a highly conserved YEATS protein motif is explored in the context of the Taf14 protein of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. In S. cerevisiae, Taf14 is a protein physically associated with many critical multisubunit complexes including the general transcription factors TFIID and TFIIF, the chromatin remodeling complexes SWI/SNF, Ino80 and RSC, Mediator(More)
Two studies were performed to determine whether the attenuation of baroreflex control of heart rate during late pregnancy in conscious rabbits is due to changes in parasympathetic (Para) or sympathetic (Sym) control of the heart. In the first, baroreflex relationships between arterial pressure and heart rate were generated before and after treatment with(More)
This study tests the hypothesis that conscious rabbits late in pregnancy (P), but not at midgestation (MP), are less able to maintain arterial pressure during hemorrhage. Blood volume (BV) was elevated (P < 0.05) by an average of 13 +/- 4 (MP) and 35 +/- 3% (P). Rabbits were bled in both the nonpregnant (NP) and P state at 2% of the initial BV per minute.(More)
The hepatitis C virus (HCV) NS5B protein contains the RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) activity that catalyzes the synthesis of the viral genome with other host and viral factors. NS5A is an HCV-encoded protein previously shown to localize to the replisome and be necessary for viral replication. However, its role in replication has not been defined.(More)
Late pregnant (P) conscious rabbits are less able to maintain arterial pressure during hemorrhage than nonpregnant (NP) animals. This study tested the hypothesis that the difference is due in part to less reflex vasoconstriction when the rabbits are P. Rabbits (n = 14) were instrumented with arterial and venous catheters as well as ultrasonic flow probes(More)
The Hepatitis C Virus RNA dependent RNA polymerase, NS5B, is stimulated by the NS5A protein in vitro. To explore this stimulatory mechanism, we compared the activity of a mutant of NS5B containing a deletion of the β-loop region with that of the full length NS5B in response to NS5A. While the NS5A protein does stimulate full length NS5B, NS5A does not(More)