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Neurogenesis proceeds throughout life in the higher vocal center (HVC) of the adult songbird neostriatum. Testosterone induces neuronal addition and endothelial division in HVC. We asked if testosterone-induced angiogenesis might contribute importantly to HVC neuronal recruitment. Testosterone upregulated both VEGF and its endothelial receptor,(More)
Using three adjustments, we have revised a 1976 prevalence count for multiple sclerosis in the United States. The adjustments were made to data from a US national survey; they used 1990 population projections from the US Bureau of the Census, and results of investigations conducted in Weld and Larimer Countries, Colorado, and Olmsted County, Minnesota. It(More)
Vascular endothelial cells are among the first cells that ventricular zone neuroblasts encounter during early development. The ventricular zone cells promote angiogenesis by the invading vasculature, with the release of endothelial mitogens. Yet the feedback support of young neurons by endothelial cells (ECs) has not hitherto been explored. We therefore(More)
The adult avian forebrain continues to generate neurons from ventricular zone (VZ) precursor cells, whose neuronal progeny then migrate into the brain parenchyma. Migrating neurons respond to the Ig-family adhesion molecule NgCAM with increments in cytosolic calcium, and migration is disrupted by anti-NgCAM Ig. The calcium response to NgCAM is(More)
We present a 22-year follow-up of a large and unusual kindred previously reported as familial Alzheimer's disease (FAD). However, detailed clinical and neuropathologic evaluation of family members and brain autopsy on another affected individual now make the diagnosis of FAD unlikely. Our patient, as well as members of this family, had numerous amyloid(More)
BACKGROUND Preclinical studies suggest that glutamate antagonists help ameliorate motor fluctuations in patients with PD treated with levodopa. METHODS In a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group, dose-ranging study, the authors assessed the safety, tolerability, and efficacy of the glutamate receptor blocker remacemide(More)
A controlled, prospective, randomized study evaluated the use of mithramycin in the treatment of anaplastic glioma compared to a similar group of patients receiving best conventional care. From a total of 116 patients in the study, 96 were within the valid study group. All patients were operated on, had histological confirmation of anaplastic glioma, and(More)
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