Caroline Langlet

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Hindlimb sensory deprivation is known to induce a decrease in the cortical representation of hindpaw, and an increase in the size of the cutaneous receptive fields. The aim of the present study was to determine (i) the time-course of recovery when the rat retrieves a normal use of its limbs after a 14-day period of sensory disruption and (ii) whether a(More)
This study was performed to determine if hypodynamia-hypokinesia (HH) could induce a reorganization of the rat somatosensory cortex. The cortical hindpaw representation was determined by stimulating the limb and recording multi-unit cortical activity. The size of the cutaneous receptive fields was also measured. After 14 days of HH, the size of the cortical(More)
There have been many reports describing modifications of the sensory and motor cortex following various types of disuse. Hypodynamia--hypokinesia is characterized by the absence of weight-bearing and by a decrease in motor activity. We have shown a reorganization of the cortical cartography after hypodynamia--hypokinesia. In order to give an anatomical(More)
This paper tackles the issue of the detection of user's verbal expressions of likes and dislikes in a human-agent interaction. We present a system grounded on the theoretical framework provided by (Martin and White, 2005) that integrates the interaction context by jointly processing agent's and user's utterances. It is designed as a rule-based and bottom-up(More)
Cet article aborde la question des expressions d'attitudes (affects, jugements, appréciations) chez l'utili-sateur dans le cadre d'échanges avec un agent virtuel. Il propose une méthode pour l'analyse des réponses à des questions fermées destinée à interroger les attitudes de l'utilisateur. Cette méthode s'appuie sur une formalisation des questions de(More)
It is well known that both neuromuscular and perceptual properties are affected during spaceflight. These modificaitons can therefore induce dramatic alterations in the mechanical basis of movements and locomotion disturbances. The main objectives of this study were: 1) to examine whether the nervous control of muscular activity in the upper limbs of the(More)
Since the last 25 years, the cortex is considered as a dynamic entity, susceptible of changes. Various types of modifications in stimuli may lead to the plasticity of the target neurons. These include immobilisation, denervation, amputation, deafferentation... In the somatosensory system, the most important changes are a substantial reorganisation of the(More)
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