Caroline L Stirling

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Conditional mouse knock-outs provide an informative approach to drug target validation where no pharmacological blockers exist or global knock-outs are lethal. Here, we used the Cre-loxP system to delete BDNF in most nociceptive sensory neurons. Conditional null animals were healthy with no sensory neuron loss. However, pain-related behavior was(More)
Altered expression of voltage-gated sodium, calcium and potassium channels has been associated with neuropathic pain conditions. In addition, roles for the ligand-gated P2X3 and NMDA receptors, as well as pacemaker HCN channels have also been invoked in the pathogenesis of neuropathic pain. In this chapter, evidence of an important role for(More)
UNLABELLED WHAT IS KNOWN ON THE SUBJECT?: Although the use of prone restraint should be avoided, it may remain a last resort emergency intervention for violent behaviour in psychiatric settings. However, when used as a last resort, concerns remain about the ability of staff to maintain the dignity, welfare and safety of the patient and minimize the(More)
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