Caroline Kelly

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GeneSigDB ( or is a database of gene signatures that have been extracted and manually curated from the published literature. It provides a standardized resource of published prognostic, diagnostic and other gene signatures of cancer and related disease to the community so they can compare(More)
INTRODUCTION Malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) is an asbestos-related cancer, which is difficult to diagnose. Thoracoscopy is frequently required but is not widely available. An accurate, non-invasive diagnostic biomarker would allow early specialist referral, limit diagnostic delays and maximise clinical trial access. Current markers offer insufficient(More)
OBJECTIVES Contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) provides essential cross-sectional imaging data in patients with suspected pleural malignancy (PM). The performance of CT in routine practice may be lower than in previously reported research. We assessed this relative to 'real-life' factors including use of early arterial-phase contrast enhancement (by(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Pursuing a PhD project is a both painful and enjoyable experience, it is like climbing a peak accompanied with bitterness, hardships, frustration, encouragement, and trust, and with so many people's kind help. Now, I'm finding myself at the top enjoying the beautiful scenery of three full years, years filled with any kind of possible(More)
Although the field of design research could potentially gain from collaboration between academia and industry this approach to research has not received much experimentation or scholarly attention. Design outcomes research, the primary objective of which is to examine the outcomes of designed artifacts when implemented, is one of many potential foci of(More)
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