Caroline Kaufmann

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This article summarizes the published results of the Employment Intervention Demonstration Program (EIDP), a federally-funded, multi-site study examining the effectiveness of supported employment programs for 1273 unemployed individuals with psychiatric disabilities in the U.S. Findings confirm the effectiveness of supported employment across different(More)
Effects of co-occurring disorders on work outcomes were explored among individuals with severe mental illness who were participating in a multisite randomized study of supported employment. At seven sites, 1,273 people were randomly assigned to an experimental supported employment program or a control condition and followed for 2 years. Multivariate(More)
VEGFR-2 gene displays several functional germline polymorphisms with impact on VEGFR-2 mediated angiogenesis. Our purpose was to evaluate VEGFR-2 polymorphisms as prognostic markers for tumor recurrence and overall survival (OS) in non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). In total, 209 Caucasian patients who had been surgically treated for NSCLC between 1996 and(More)
Accompanying depression is especially common in elderly, chronically ill patients and rehabilitation patients, where a physical illness and/or disablement is accompanied by depression. Treatment should always be focussed in a "polypragmatic" manner on both physical or psychic symptoms. In particular psychotherapy (see article by Barolin), pharmacotherapy(More)
Throughout medical history, suggestion is the oldest and most common method of relieving human distress and treating physical disease. One of the oldest Egyptian documents, the Ebers Papyrus (1552 BC) states, "Lay your hands upon him to quiet the pain in the arms and say that the pain will disappear." The psychogenic and therapeutic potency of Native(More)
This evaluation documents practicability and scientific value of the scale, since many years developed in our institute and in use there. Patients with left hemispheric lesions suffer from stronger disturbances of eating than others. Systematic neurological rehabilitations leads to a marked increased unnecessity of catheterism and by that to a marked better(More)
1 Department of Psychiatry, University of Illinois at Chicago 2 Center for Mental Health Services, Rockville, MD 3 Human Services Research Institute and Harvard Medical School Dept. of Psychiatry at Cambridge Health Alliance, Cambridge, MA 4 Dartmouth University, Concord, NH 5 Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC 6 Department of Psychiatry,(More)
1) There is sense and necessity of psychohygiene in sports. This could be stated with 3 compared groups, namely: a national team, a team of handicapped, a team of juveniles. 2) We have used a complex program with integrated autogenic training (this however, not in an isolated way). Earlier experiences (of last author) over many years and hundreds of(More)
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