Caroline J Law

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The 22q13 deletion syndrome is associated with global developmental delay, absent or delayed speech, and generalised hypotonia. In this study, the size and nature of 22q13 deletions (n=9) were studied in detail by high-resolution chromosome specific array-based comparative genomic hybridisation (array CGH). The deletion sizes varied considerably between the(More)
We describe a 32 year old male with a distal 6p24.3-->pter deletion. He has specific developmental anomalies of the anterior chamber of the eye and a cleft uvula which is consistent with the recent localisation of genes for iris development and orofacial clefting to distal 6p. In addition he has progressive sensorineural deafness and this may localise a(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the pathogenicity of a novel conserved missense mutation, p.Ser98Phe, in the emopamil binding protein (EBP) gene in order to perform a prenatal diagnostic test for X-linked dominant chondrodysplasia punctata (CDPX2) in a male foetus at 50% risk. METHODS Family members were tested for p.Ser98Phe using PCR and sequence analysis of(More)
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