Caroline Henton

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We describe attempts to synthesize visible speech in real-time on a MacintoshTM personal computer, and to enable the user to color the text of the speech to be synthesized emotionally, according to the user’s wishes, the representation of the text, or the semantics of the utterance. The animated visible speech will be demonstrated, in real time, using a(More)
Against a background of incorporating a talking head into a role-playing simulator, enhancements are proposed for users of the simulator and of text-to-speech systems in general. The first is the ability to generate vocal emotion in synthetic speech using a limited number of prosodic parameters with a concatenative speech synthesizer. The second enhancement(More)
In an emerging application of speech technology, physicians speak prescription orders into wireless handheld devices that record the order using automatic speech recognition (ASR). Orders are recognized using ASR, then displayed on the screen for verification and, after checking, are relayed to the pharmacy for filling. Given the frequent opportunities for(More)
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