Caroline Gale

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Full gaze awareness, defined here as knowing what someone is looking at, might be expected to be a powerful communicative resource when the conversation concerns some object of common interest in the environment. This paper sets out to demonstrate this possibility in the context of video-mediated communication. An experiment is reported where pairs complete(More)
An experiment was constructed to compare a video configuration that made it possible for an “expert” to judge a “repairer’s” focus of visual attcnlion (full gaze awareness condition) and two control conditions. Conversational Games Analysis was then used to examine the effects of gaze awareness on the efficiency with which the conversations were conducted.
In this paper, a simulation study is carried out to identify potential improvements in the management of a nonautomated distribution warehouse which is located between manufacturers and small retailers. The simulation model has been used to obtain valuable knowledge of the operational characteristics of the warehouse. We aim at understanding the effect of(More)
A number of conventions exist regarding how best to empirically study computer-mediated interactions. These conventions are spread across a range of disciplines.Within the general field of group communication we find sociologists studying group dynamics, psychologists investigating the structure and meaning of communication and technologists devising new(More)
Motor neurone disease (MND), is a progressive terminal illness affecting the central nervous system, causing paralysis of the muscles affecting limb movement, breathing and bulbar function, with an average life expectancy of 2-4 years. Patients are presented with repeated loss and the constant need to make adjustments to their lifestyle and expectations.(More)
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