Caroline Gagnon

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OBJECTIVES:NCX-1000 (2(acetyloxy) benzoic acid-3(nitrooxymethyl)phenyl ester) is an nitric oxide (NO)-releasing derivative of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA), which showed selective vasodilatory effect on intrahepatic circulation in animal models of cirrhosis. This study was aimed at testing the efficacy and tolerability of this compound in patients with(More)
PURPOSE Ideally, preoxygenation is performed using a tight fitting mask either by breathing normally for three to five minutes or with four to eight vital capacity (VC) breaths in 0.5 to one minute, but in practice leaks are frequent and sometimes unavoidable. This study was designed to determine which breathing method provided the best oxygenation in the(More)
The study investigated how the brain activity changed when participants were engaged in a temporal production task known as the "filled-duration illusion." Twelve right-handed participants were asked to memorize and reproduce the duration of time intervals (600 or 800 ms) bounded by two flashes. Random trials contained auditory stimuli in the form of three(More)
The main goal of the present experiment was to verify whether sensitivity to time interval changes in speech is greater than sensitivity to time interval changes between tones. The 12-syllable sentences were delivered in French (the main language of the participants) or in a foreign language (Slovenian) that was totally unfamiliar to the participants. Two(More)
The brain renin-angiotensin system (bRAS) is involved in the control of hydromineral balance. However, little information is available on the functional regulation of the bRAS as a consequence of sodium deficit in the extracellular fluid compartments. We used a pharmacological model of acute Na+ depletion (furosemide injections) to investigate changes of a(More)
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