Caroline D. Bergeron

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Asperger's syndrome (AS) is a pervasive developmental disorder that may fall along the autistic spectrum. We compared the sleep of eight patients with AS with that of participants matched for age and gender. Patients with AS showed decreased sleep time in the first two-thirds of the night, increased number of shifts into REM sleep from a waking epoch, and(More)
Responses to an unfamiliar adult were examined in infants of mothers with social phobia (N= 79) and infants of nonanxious comparison mothers (N= 77) at 10 and 14 months in a social referencing paradigm. On each occasion, a female stranger first interacted with the mother and then approached and interacted with the infant. Over time, infants of mothers with(More)
BACKGROUND The extensive availability of online health information offers the public opportunities to become independently informed about their care, but what affects the successful retrieval and understanding of accurate and detailed information? We have limited knowledge about the ways individuals use the Internet and the personal characteristics that(More)
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